Uber fast and secure web and platform hosting

Our new hosting environment dubbed ‘the panther’ has been custom designed to deliver rapid speeds and robust security to our clients. It has become clear over the past year that we needed a more scalable platform with powerful RAM and processing power to fuel our client’s platforms. Today is a momentous day for Falcon Digital as it allows us to own our server demand and easily scale it to our client’s needs. Our server not only boasts the most powerful hardware but also industry leading security and analytics.

Platform hosting:
Our new hosting environment can also be used for our up-and-coming food ordering system that relies on numerous API’s and processes to run. This new panther hosting system can easily handle the food ordering demands and scale to user numbers with ease.


As with all modern websites and platforms, over time their demands grow alongside their business success. Our hosting environment can be easily scaled to visitor numbers and processing requirements.

We are extremely proud of this day, and we are rolling out the new hosting platform this afternoon. All our current clients have been informed and migrations are taking place smoothly with no reported disruptions

Powerful resources for powerful platforms:

At the moment each hosting station has 8 CPU processors: Intel® Xeon® Processor E5-2680 v3 – 2.50 GHz (3.30 GHz Turbo) with a scalable RAM of 64GB.