New Devon Lodge 1138 Website

We are proud to announce the launch of our latest product and service. Our latest launch is the Devon Lodge 1138 website. Devon Lodge 1138 is a freemasons lodge meeting in Newton Abbot, Devon.

The site needed updating and brining into the year 2021. The site has been designed to attract aspiring freemasons, increase lodge applications and brethren engagement online.

This website has been designed, following Google’s best practice, to be mobile first. Meaning this website is designed first for a mobile device and then as a desktop website. The site follows the lodges branding, abides to Grand Lodge specifications and is secure.

More importantly, she is fresh, modern and aesthetically pleasing.

Check out the new website here.


Masonic Website Design

This also leads onto our latest product offering, as well known in the freemason community, digital representation is low. As masons, we have designed a masonic website service to increase masonic awareness online and to help community lodges across the UK. Our masonic website design service will increase brethren engagement, raise awareness of the lodge and its activities and more importantly, increase lodge applications.

The masonic website packages are within lodge budgets and as part of the package, negate large initial design fees. If you are a representative of a masonic lodge and would like to know more, please visit our masonic design page.

View the masonic packages below: